How to Solve a 2X2 Rubiks Cube

By Amanda Rumble

A Rubik's cube is a very common puzzle available in 3-by-3 and 2-by-2 grid sizes. The way to solve the two is very similar, and if you have experience solving a 3-by-3 cube, you will have a better chance of grasping the strategy to solve a 2-by-2. The 2-by-2 Rubik's cube is a smaller one that is pocket sized and easy to carry around. You can amuse your friends with the skills you exhibit while solving the puzzle.

Step 1

Familiarize yourself with the terminology for solving the cube. R refers to the right side, L refers to the left side, U is the side on the top and D is the layer on the bottom.

Step 2

Select a color to focus on. For the purpose of this tutorial, focus on the green side and place that piece facing you.

Step 3

Find the piece that includes both green and red. Place the piece next to green and turn it R counter-clockwise, D counter-clockwise, R clockwise and D clockwise.

Step 4

Focus on the top, which will have one blue piece. Turn the cube until the blue piece faces you and turn the cube piece R clockwise, U clockwise, R counter-clockwise, U clockwise, R clockwise, U twice clockwise and R counter-clockwise.

Step 5

Put the two black cubes in the back. Move the pieces R counter-clockwise, F clockwise, R counter-clockwise, B twice, R clockwise, F counter-clockwise, R counter-clockwise, back twice and R twice to complete the cube.