How to Smile for the Camera

By eHow Contributor

How to Smile for the Camera. A heartfelt smile is the best and simplest way to look great in a photo. The secret is to be relaxed, honest and genuine. A gorgeous smile that is powerful and compelling. Whether you're sitting for a formal portrait or gathering with friends for a quick snapshot, these suggestions make for a winning photo of your smiling face.

Step 1

Take a deep breath. Holding your breath tightens the diaphragm and makes your smile look tight and forced.

Step 2

Think happy thoughts. To look happy, let your mind go to something light and funny.

Step 3

Relax your facial muscles, and your neck, shoulders and mind.Any kind of strain will show in the photograph.

Step 4

Trust the photographer to make you look good. Tell her if you are uncomfortable with the pose or the setting.

Step 5

Laugh with sincerity. The most genuine smile comes with a laugh that makes your eyes sparkle.

Step 6

Energize the photo. Dance or try a variety of movements.

Step 7

Practice your smile. Spend some time in front of the mirror. Find the smile you love and remember how it feels.