Small Woodworking Projects

By Cheryl Starr
Small woodworking projects, perfect hobbies, all ages
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Woodworking is relaxing and creative. You can build small woodworking projects in a shorter time frame -- perfect for beginner woodworkers or woodworkers who are teaching projects to children or teens with little or no experience. Small handmade woodworking projects make the perfect gift for anyone on your list.


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Birdhouses are small woodworking projects. The Family Fun site features a birdhouse design constructed from only one board. If you have a specific bird species that you wish to build a house for, such as wood ducks, robins, wrens or martins, you will need to construct specific types or sizes of birdhouses. All Woodwork Online offers some examples of small woodworking birdhouse projects. Birdhouse kits with instructions and tips are available at hobby stores or through online stores, such as Finish Carpentry Help Online.


Shelves are enjoyable to build and serve a purpose within the home, workshop or office. Shelf projects can be as small as an over-the-sink shelf. An example of a small shelf project, a corner shelf, is described at Home Shelving Guide Online. This shelf only requires a 24-inch round piece of plywood, a power tool and a table saw to complete.

Keepsake Box

Keepsake boxes, treasures
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Keepsake boxes are small woodworking projects that you can present as gifts. Keepsake boxes can be round or rectangular. Keepsake box plans are available for free in many hobby stores or online websites, such as Woodworkers Workshop Online. Contact your local high school wood shop teacher for simple keepsake box woodworking plans. If you are a beginner in woodworking, ask the teacher for any tips he can offer you as you begin your keepsake box project.

Picture Frame

Picture frames, good projects, beginner woodworkers
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The tools required to make a picture frame are a saw, a router and a sander. The example at Amateur Woodworker Online uses hard maple. This website explains the process of making the picture frame, step-by-step. You can create picture frames in just a few hours.