How to Ship a Pool Table

By Catherine Irving

Shipping a pool table can be a delicate process, but it doesn't have to be stressful or overly complicated. You need a few tools and careful organization for a successful move. Follow these directions and find a reputable shipping company to safely transport your pool table.

Check shipping rates in your area to determine if the cost of a professional mover is a better option than moving a pool table yourself. Only use reputable movers with knowledge of how to properly move a pool table.

Measure the pool table and its destination if you want to prepare the shipment yourself. Double check that the new location will adequately hold your table.

Wrap the pool table balls and rack in a snug box with heavy padding. Unscrew pool table sticks and pack into a long box with padding. Include the pool stick cues in your box.

Put on a support belt and gloves before moving or handling the components of a pool table. Always ask for help with heavy lifting and complicated disassembly.

Use a screwdriver to remove the bolts to the pool table rails and pockets.

Take an electric drill with the appropriate screwdriver bit and remove the slate from your pool table as well as the legs.

Wrap all of your components in bubble wrap or heavy padding and place into a flat crate or durable boxes. Never overpack a box, stack your pieces or apply unnecessary pressure.

Label all of your boxes with the the inside components and seal the crate or boxes with shock cords or heavy tape. Keep the slate vertical at all times and wrap it in bubble wrap and a heavy blanket for protection.