How to Sew Rabbit Fur

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How to Sew Rabbit Fur
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Rabbit fur tends to wear out quickly but it is affordable and can be sewn into various forms such as moccasins or coats. It will vary greatly in color, pattern and stretchiness of the skin but it can be sewn by hand.

Step 1

Pull the skin with both of your hands in a horizontal direction then in a vertical direction to determine which direction has the greatest stretch. Keep this information in mind along with what form you plan to sew the fur into when you lay your pattern on top of the fur.

Step 2

Draw a pattern on a piece of paper with a pen. Cut the pattern out with scissors.

Step 3

Lay the pattern on the back side of the fur. Trace around the pattern onto the rabbit skin with a pen.

Step 4

Hold one edge of the fur up in the air with your hand and hold the fur down on a table with your elbow. Use your other hand to cut out the pattern on the skin using a utility knife.

Step 5

Place two pieces of the pattern you wish to sew together on top of each other, fur side in. Thread your leather needle with the artificial sinew and tie a knot in the end.

Step 6

Sew in an overcast or whip stitch, leaving a ¼" seam. This type of stitch loops over the top of the edge of the seam and goes around and around in a spiral pattern.


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