How to Sew Fleece Hats in 10 Minutes

By eHow Contributor
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A simple fleece hat can be fun gift for friends or provide comfort for someone in a less-than-fortunate situation. You can make a fleece hat for family, friends, yourself or as a volunteer project in only 10 minutes. You'll need basic sewing knowledge, such as how to operate a sewing machine, to complete this craft.

Step 1

Measure the circumference around the head the hat is to fit. Cut a piece of fleece 14 inches long and as wide as the measurement around the head.

Step 2

Fold the fleece in half lengthwise. Fold again lengthwise so the fleece is in four layers. At the edge of both sides, approximately 6 inches from the top, cut all four layers of fleece to a point at the top. The cut will be slightly curved.

Step 3

Unfold fleece and with right sides together, sew each of the curved sections. On the two edges, sew the curved section, leaving the straight section unsewn.

Step 4

Turn the hat right-side out and sew the straight edge. Fold up the bottom of the hat, which will cover the stitching. Sew on tassels or fringe for decoration if you choose.