How to Sell Silver Half-Dollars

By Marianne Moro
How to Sell Silver Half-Dollars
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Are you are a serious coin collector interested in making a profit by selling some of your silver half- dollars? Or perhaps you have an excess of Kennedy half-dollars you won’t use or have found a Franklin or Walking Liberty half-dollar coin and are curious about the value. The good news is that silver half-dollars are popular items on collector websites. Very few half-dollars containing silver remain in circulation today and Kennedy half-dollars are mainly used in casinos. So if you have silver half-dollars to sell, you can make some extra money easily

Step 1

Check for silver content. All half-dollars, from the rare Flowing Hair liberty half-dollars to Franklin half-dollars, were comprised of 90% silver and 10% copper. Kennedy half-dollars minted in 1964 were 90% silver. From 1965-1971, circulated Kennedy half-dollars were 40% silver. After that, Kennedy half-dollars contained copper and nickel but no silver. Silver proof Kennedy sets are still sold to collectors.

Step 2

Determine the value of the half-dollars you want to sell. Check official price guides such as NumisMedia and the U.S. Coin Redbook. Scope out what other sellers are charging on numismatic websites and at coin shows. If you’re still unsure of a final selling price, have your coins appraised by a professional dealer. Always contact a legitimate member of the Better Business Bureau or the Professional Numismatists Guild when seeking coin appraisals.

Step 3

Decide where to sell your half-dollars. With so many choices, from eBay and other auction sites to coin shows and professional dealers purchasing collections, it’s hard to determine what will net you a buyer quickly. If you have older coins to sell, like the Draped Bust or Capped Bust half dollars from the 1800s, try a coin show or seek out established collectors. Newer half-dollars will attract legitimate buyers almost anywhere, from small coin dealers to eBay.

Step 4

Prepare to sell your coins. If you decide to sell your coins by Internet auction, make sure you have bubble wrap, coin boxes or envelopes and other packing material you may need to ship the half-dollars safely.