How to Sell Old Coins

By Lizz Shepherd

Collecting old coins is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. But once a coin collection gets too large, or the collector loses interest or needs quick money, the time is right to sell the coins. There are several places to sell old coins, and the price that’s paid for them often depends on what type of coins they are, what condition they’re in and who is buying them.

Clean your old coins. Using a wet cloth, wipe the coins gently to get rid of any dirt. This can make the details of the coin more apparent and make it easier to classify the coins and decide their value. In the case of ancient Roman coins, soaking them in olive oil for a few days can loosen in tough dirt that is obscuring the images. Use gentle motions to wipe away the oil or you may smooth away part of the images.

Take your coins to a coin dealer. This is the fastest and easiest way to sell old coins. The money is immediate, and the coins don’t have to be photographed or shipped. Before taking coins to a dealer, however, it’s important to know how much a coin is worth. If the coin is extremely valuable, it may be worth the time to sell the coin to an end buyer yourself rather than to sell to a middleman (see Resources below).

Check price guides online as well as completed auctions on eBay and Overstock Auctions. You may decide that the extra amount you could make by selling the coins directly to a collector is worth the hassle of listing them online. To sell old coins online, you must have a detailed description of everything you know about the coin, including where it was purchased, what country it came from and the approximate year it was minted. You also need a detailed picture of each side of the coin. Use the macro setting on a digital camera to get a close-up picture of the coins. Set a price that is close to the guide book value and sell them to the highest bidder. Once the auction closes, collect your payment form the buyer and send the coins to the buyer through the mail (see Resources below).

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