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By Tasos Vossos
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Scrabble is a popular word game that requires players to utilize their vocabulary skills, forming words with the letters they possess. Success is based on players' vocabulary knowledge and their ability to think fast. The game, created by architect Alfred Mosher Butts in 1939 as "Lexico" and renamed "Scrabble" by entrepreneur James Brunot 10 years later, is widely available on the Internet for free, in a number of variations.

"Scrabble Blast"

"Scrabble Blast" is a variation of the classic game that is available on many Flash websites. In this format, the board is filled with squares of scattered letters, which you must form words with. You can only use adjacent letters or diagonally connected letters. Whenever you form a word, the letters used are replaced with new ones. Occasionally, bombs will fall after a turn. The number on the bombs correspond to the length of the word you need to find in order to get rid of the bomb. If you let the bomb reach the bottom of the panel, the game will end.

"Scrabble Online" by Hasbro

The manufacturer of Scrabble since 1986, Hasbro offers a simple online variation of its board game. Players are given seven letters, with which they must create as many words as they can in a limited amount of time. It can be simple two or three-letter words, or words using all the available letters. The timer begins when the first letter is used. A different spot every round is designated as a double score position, adding another strategy factor to the game.

"Online Scrabble"

"Online Scrabble," by Quadplex is exactly the same format as its board counterpart. The player is put against a real opponent and given a number of letters to use on the virtual Scrabble board. All the usual options are available, including double and triple-letter score spots. You also have the ability to talk to your opponent in real time. The game is available for free to guests and members, but you can only play when the system matches you with an opponent.

"Scrabble Cubes"

"Scrabble Cubes" game is available from, which requires a free registration. "Scrabble Cubes" is a cash game, but players can ignore competitions and play it for fun. During the game, you must form words from the letters scattered on the three sides of the cube visible to the player within the four-minute time limit. You can also take advantage of the double and triple-point letters. There is no penalty for misspelled words, prompting players to constantly try their luck with the cube's letters.

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