How to Score in Bridge

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

The game of bridge may be one of the most complex card games as well as one of the most popular. Bridge clubs exist all over the country, and there are even national and international tournaments. In order to play, however, you need to know a few basic rules about bridge, including how to score.

Sit at the table directly opposite from your bridge partner. The other team will be seated to your left and right. These positions are referred to as North, South, East and West.

Know that the dealer for the game will change with each hand dealt. The dealer also begins the bidding process of the game. Bidding on the number of "tricks," or cards taken, continues clockwise.

Take a card from your hand if you are the "leader," or the player seated next the person who bid last or made the contract. The contract occurs when a "pass," or no bid, is made in consecutive order from 3 of the players. You will place your card face up on the table.

Wait for the other players to lay down a card of the same suit. The player with the highest face value takes the "trick," or the cards in that play. Play continues for 13 hands.

Score each hand by determining how many tricks were won and how many were bid. Depending on the type of bridge being played, a point value of 20 to 30 per trick may be awarded. A hand may be won by scoring over 100 points.