Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Adults

By Robert Vaux
Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Adults
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Scavenger hunts traditionally have been a part of children's party activities, but adults can engage in fun and exciting scavenger hunts as well. Because they have access to vehicles, they can range farther abroad, making city-wide scavenger hunts much easier. Adults need a little more of a challenge, however, so it's important to assemble a list of really good items.

Photo Hunt

A photo hunt can take place across an entire city or be limited to a single locale such as a park or a shopping mall. Every player or team needs a camera; the list is compiled of picture subjects to take around the chosen area. It can include expected items, such as civic landmarks or important buildings or more original subjects such as a stretch limousine or an old-fashioned glass-encased phone booth. Take pictures of people, too--a person over 85 or someone walking three or more dogs, for example--though you should always ask permission before you snap an image. For added fun, require the players to be in some of the pictures: standing in front of a famous statue, eating at a particular restaurant and so on. The winner is the player who can assemble the most pictures within a given time frame.

Information Hunt

An information scavenger hunt doesn't require any objects to be found. Rather, the players have to answer a series of questions that can only be found by visiting certain locales. For example, they may need to determine the phone number in a specific booth or find out what the daily special is in a specific restaurant. The information should require a little detective work (nothing they can simply spot automatically) and should not be available on the Internet (no cheating). The winner is the first to answer every question correctly, or the one who gets the most questions right by the time the clock expires.

Memory Scavenger Hunt

A memory scavenger hunt works well for a bachelor or a bachelorette party, or for a milestone birthday party such as the 40th or 50th. The items for the scavenger hunt should hold specific meaning to the guest of honor. For example, it can be a picture of a car that matches the model and year as the first one he owned, a copy of a favorite childhood film, a picture of his first movie star crush, a stuffed animal or photos of a vacation site. Depending upon the complexity of the items, you may wish to start the hunt a certain amount of time before the gathering, then have players display what they found as part of the festivities.

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