How to Scan Negatives with Cheap Scanners

By eHow Contributor
Scan Negatives with Cheap Scanners

Ever try to scan a negative in a regular flatbed scanner and the image come out black? Well, I'm going to teach you how to scan those images without spending too much.

all materials, I, a dell, one scanner

First gather all materials. I am using a dell 810 all in one scanner, a old negative I found in the basement and my sidekick (menu + f) for light. The light will probably be the trickiest part. As long as its doing the same general thing it should be fine.

an example, the kind, light, you

Here is an example of the kind of light you need for this.

I, the sidekick, Flashlight mode, the light

I put the sidekick on Flashlight mode (menu + f) and position the negative over the light.

light, scanner

Place light and negative on scanner.

what, I, I, a high dpi

This is what I got when I scanned. Your going to want to use a high dpi setting to get a quality scan.

you, the image, you, the finished scan

Finially, when you invert the image, you get the finished scan.