Rules of Cribbage Card Game

By Chris Moore

Cribbage is a two-player card game that is something like a combination of poker and blackjack (only using 31 points instead of 21) that also uses a game board with pegs. The object is to use the play of the cards followed by combos you can make with the remaining cards to move your peg across the board. The first to move 121 spaces wins.

The Deal

Six cards are dealt to each player from a 52-card deck (no jokers). The cards are re-dealt after each play and show. In this game, Ace equals one, face cards equal 10 and all others equal their face value.

The Crib

Each player discards two cards from his hand and sets them face down to make the crib. The non-dealer then cuts the deck and the dealer draws the top card from the bottom half and places it face up on top of the whole deck. If the card is a Jack, the dealer moves her peg two spaces.

The Play

Each player, starting with the non-dealer and then alternating, plays a card from his hand, laying it face down in front of him. The values of all the cards are totaled up as they are played. A player can pass on playing a card by saying "go."

Scoring on the Board

When the total of the cards played is as close to 31 as possible (meaning no one can play without going over 31), the last to play a card moves her peg one space on the board. If a card put the total at exactly 31 or 15, that player moves two spaces.

Other Play Scoring

If you play the same card rank that was previously played (like a jack following a jack), you move two spaces. Anyone who plays a third straight card moves six spaces, and a fourth straight moves 12 spaces. Anyone who finishes a run of three or more cards in numeric order moves that number of spaces. (If 3-4-5-6 is played, the player who played the six moves four spaces.)

The Show

After the play ends, players add their crib to their remaining hand and try to form combinations. Combinations of 15 points get two spaces each. A pair scores two, three of a kind gets six and four of a kind gets 12. Four of the same suit gets four points. Three to five cards in numeric order get the number of points equal to the number of cards.

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