Rules for the Corn Hole Game

By Steve Silverman

The game of Corn Hole (known as Baggo in some parts of the country) is an enjoyable activity that's played at outdoor parties, picnics and most frequently when tailgating at sports events. Two rectangular boards are set up 20 feet apart. Single players or doubles teams toss beanbags at holes in the boards for points.

Scoring System

When you play the game of Corn Hole, you and your opponent each have four beanbags. The idea is to toss your beanbag through a hole on a board that is 48 inches long and 24 inches wide. If your beanbag goes through the hole, you get three points. If your beanbag lands on the board, you earn one point. Keep shooting until one player has reached 21 points. Corn Hole is commonly played in a best-of-five or best-of-seven series.

Order of Tossing

Teams consist of one or two players per team. Team A takes the first shot at the Corn Hole board, and Team B follows. Follow this order until all four bags are tossed. At that point, both teams walk over to the board and assess the point totals. When tossing the bags at the other board, Team B gets the first shot and Team A follows.


You cannot go over 21 points. If Team A has 20 points and hits a three-point shot through the hole, their score goes back to zero points. If a shot is half on the board and half in the hole, it is considered in the hole and is worth three points. If a shot is on the board, the opposing team can try to push that bean bag off the board so the first team does not get credit for the point.

About the Author

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