How to Replace the Staples on a Comic Book

By Lenna Allen
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The proper system for caring for your comic books depends largely on whether you are a serious collector or simply someone who enjoys having an extensive reading collection. For the hardcore comic hoarder, preservation of the comic book's original state is the first priority, even if it means foregoing even the simplest of restoration techniques. Casual collectors, however, see the wisdom in making occasional repairs. The staples that hold a comic book together, for instance, are prone to rusting or damage, and replacing them is sometimes the only way to keep the comic book intact.

Open the comic book carefully to where the staples are located, taking care not to press down on the pages so you avoid damage to the pages from the strain.

Align the pages gently, and then clamp them together with the vinyl-tipped clamps. Place the clamps at the far edges of the comic book.

Remove the staples with a putty knife and a needle-nose pliers, prying back the staple prongs delicately and easing them out of the paper.

Re-staple the comic book with the long-reach stapler, taking care to align it so that the staples are made exactly on the spine and as close to the positions of the older staples as possible.

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