How to Replace Perfume Atomizer Bulbs

By Hollan Johnson
The bulb, the end, the atomizer, the perfume
Perfume - Single decorative perfume image by Victoria Schaad from

A perfume atomizer is a perfume bottle with a bulb at the end. To spray the perfume, you must squeeze the bulb. Most perfume atomizers are antiques and very collectible. Even if the atomizer in question is not antique, it is a lovely display item that also has a practical use. If something happens to your perfume atomizer's bulb, it can be replaced.

Remove the old bulb from the perfume atomizer. It either screws off or slips off, depending on the type of bulb.

Screw the new bulb onto the end of the atomizer's tube if it is a screw-on bulb type atomizer.

Slip the tube onto the end of the atomizers tube if it is a slip-on bulb type.