How to Repair a Quiksilver Tide Watch

By Shellie Braeuner
Tough surfers need tough watches.
David J Spurdens/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Designed for the adventure hobbyist, Quiksilver offers watches for surfers, skateboarders, rock climbers and hikers. Quiksilver preprograms its Tide watch line with more than 200 surf beaches worldwide. The watch calculates the tide based on the time and location. Raised metal and plastic bumpers protect the watch crystal from contact with reef and rock. Quiksilver offers both plastic and cloth bands, designed for comfort and durability. Simple repairs that don't involve opening the watch case can be performed at home. More complicated repairs must be completed by professionals.

Replacing the Watchband

Locate the watchband brackets on either side of the watch case. The spring bar holds the watchband in place. The tension in the spring presses the bar into two tiny lugs on either side of the bracket.

Press the spring bar tool into the slot between the watchband and the watchband bracket. The spring bar tool is a thin piece of dull metal. The tools usually are sold at jewelry or craft stores. A small spatula or thin screwdriver also will work.

Press the tool toward the center of the bracket. This action compresses the spring bar. The watchband will pop out of the bracket.

Clean the watchband bracket with a soft cloth.

Place the spring bar into the slot of the new watchband. Some watchbands are packaged with a new spring bar already in place.

Place one side of the spring bar into the lug on one side of the bracket. Slide the second side of the spring bar behind the lug on the other side of other bracket. Gently pull the watchband forward until the spring bar slips into its lug.

Returning the Quiksilver Watch for Service

Call the contact number for the region in which you live. Quiksilver has different customer service phone numbers for the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

Write down the Return Authorization Number and the service address in your region.

Write a quick note that states the return authorization number and the reason for service. Include your name, address, phone number and email address.

Wrap the watch in bubble wrap or some other protective wrap.

Package the watch with the note in a protective box. Seal the box and mail it to the service address given over the phone.