How to Remove Glass From an in Ground Swimming Pool

By Aryeh Raphael
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Enjoying your in ground swimming pool is one of the pleasures of summer. But unfortunately, swimming pools can also be the site of accidents. While there are many safety instructions regarding swimming pools, one incident that isn't often addressed is what to do when broken glass gets into your pool. It only takes a moment of carelessness with a drinking glass for pieces of broken glass to get into your pool. Since broken glass is obviously very dangerous, you have to know how to remove glass from your in ground swimming pool.

Locate the power source to the pool filter and the automatic water-fill valve and turn them both off.

Find the clean-out port from your pool. Through the clean-out port you can reach the sewer line. Run a hose from the sewer line to your pool. Take the end of the hose by your pool and connect it to a pool pump. See your pool pump's owner manual for the exact hookup instructions.

Put the pump underwater near the drain in the deep end of the pool. Watch the clean-out port carefully as the pool drains to be certain that no water backs up. If you do see the water backing up, you must immediately stop draining the pool, and call a plumber.

Clean the pool after all the water has been drained out. Use a broom to sweep up all the glass. Since the water could have carried the broken glass all over the pool, be sure to sweep the whole pool thoroughly. Use a dustpan to collect the pile of swept up glass, and dispose of the broken glass into a trashcan.

Run a shop vacuum across the bottom of the pool to remove any small pieces of glass that you might have missed when you swept with the broom. When you finish cleaning the pool, refill it according to the instruction booklet from your pool manufacturer.

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