How to Re-Ink a Typewriter Ribbon

By Samantha Volz

Even with the advent of the Internet, typewriters remain popular collector's items, reminding us of times gone by. Because they are outdated, however, it can be difficult to find typewriter supplies. Applying more ink to your typewriter ribbons is an easy alternative to purchasing new ones.

Step 1

Apply ink to the ink pad lightly. Applying too much ink to the pad will cause the ink to clog up on the ribbon. Spray a thin layer of silicon over the pad to help the ink stick to the ribbon.

Step 2

Lay the ribbon across the ink pad. Place a weight over the ribbon that will hold the ribbon in place; you should be able to gently pull the ribbon through between the weight and the pad. Do not use too heavy a weight, as you risk tearing the ribbon or clogging it with too much ink.

Step 3

Gently pull the ribbon across the ink pad. Try to keep a steady pace so that each section of ribbon receives an even coating of ink.