How to Read Marriage Lines in Palms

By Willow Sidhe
Marriage lines

Palm reading is a popular divination technique, but its results can be interpreted in many different ways. The marriage lines, also known as love lines, can be read to give an indication of the strength, length, and happiness of the marriage, as well as how many children will be born. Remember that these are only guidelines for reading the marriage lines, and whether or not they represent the truth is subjective.

Locate your marriage lines on the palm of your dominant hand. They can be found beginning under the pinky, and will come across the palm and end under the fingers.

Check for multiple marriage lines. Some people may only have one, and others will have many. More than one can indicate more than one marriage or serious relationship. However, it won't always be interpreted this way. You can still have more than one marriage and only one marriage line.

Note the length and thickness of the marriage lines. A long, thick line means that the person will be married to their one true love, and that the marriage will be happy and long lasting. A short, thin marriage line may warn of difficulty in relationships.

Look for lines that meet the marriage lines, but do not cross them. These lines indicate the number of children that will be born from the marriage. If a line meets and crosses the marriage lines, this is a sign of a separation or divorce.

Look for forks in the marriage lines. A fork that begins near the start of the line, under the pinky indicates a long engagement before getting married. A marriage line that ends with a fork can mean that there will be a separation, with or without divorce.

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