PVC Pipe Ladder Golf Instructions

By Alexis Lawrence
Ladder Golf Set

Ladder golf is an outdoor game that is played with at least two players and can be played in teams. The game uses bolos, which consist of two golf balls attached by a nylon rope and a pipe ladder with three steps that can be made with just a few materials.

How to Play the Game

Ladder golf games are played in rounds, with each round consisting of all of the players tossing three bolos at the ladder. The bolo must be thrown from behind a throw line and can be thrown in any way that is comfortable for an individual player. Points are awarded by which rung of the ladder the bolo lands on, with the top step of the ladder worth three points, the middle step worth two and the bottom step one. In order to win a game, a player or team must be the first to reach exactly 21 points. If the player or teams goes over 21 points, the points do not count for that round. Bolos can also be knocked off the ladder by other player's bolos during a round and only bolos that are left hanging on the ladder count for points.

Building a PVC Pipe Ladder Golf Set

If you want to build your own pipe ladder golf set, you can do so inexpensively with PVC pipe. You will need four ten-foot PVC pipes, 12 "T" joints and 12 "L" joints to connect the PVC piping together. To build the ladder, cut the pipes into 16 one-foot sections and 14 two-foot sections. A handsaw or table saw can be used for the cuts and you may want to sand the cuts to prevent rough edges. Start the ladder by building a base. Each side of the base is created by connecting one two-foot pipe to one one-foot pipe with a "T" connector. Then an "L" connector is placed on each end of this assembly and a two-foot pipe is placed between the "L" connectors to join the two sides, making a square base. Next, make the sides of the ladder by connecting three one-foot pipes together with "T" connectors between each pipe for each side and placing the bottom of this assembly into the "T" connector on the sides of the base. Once the sides of the ladder are in place, add "L" connectors to the top of each side. Place two-foot pipes between each set of "T" connectors on the sides of the ladder and between the "L" connectors at the top of the ladder and you will now have a three-rung ladder. You will need two ladders just like this for a ladder golf set.


To create the bolos, you will need at least 12 older golf balls, in two different colors, with six balls of each color and a nylon cord. Start making the bolos by drilling a hole through the center of each golf ball. Once you have holes in your golf balls, cut the nylon cord into six 18-inch lengths. Tie a knot at one end of the cord and thread a ball. Tie another knot directly after the ball to hold the ball in place at the end. Thread the second ball onto the cord and tie a knot at the other end. Slide the ball back down to touch the knot and then tie a last knot into the cord on the other side of the ball to hold it in place at the opposite end of the cord from the first ball. This will create six bolos, which is just enough for two players. If you need bolos for teams of two, you will need six more balls of each color. To secure the knots, you can use super glue or burn the ends of the cords slightly to melt the nylon and hold the knots tight.