Puzzle Ring Instructions

By Axl J. Amistaadt
Puzzle Ring Instructions

The true origins and complete history of the so-called "Turkish Puzzle Ring," or "Turkish Wedding Ring," really are unknown. However, it is believed that these mechanical puzzles have been around at least since Renaissance times. They enjoyed huge popularity in North America during the 1960s and 1970s. It is also widely believed that puzzle rings were originally created and used as wedding bands. Supposedly the person wearing the ring couldn't cheat on a spouse without first removing it from the finger and then having to put the ring back together correctly.

Step 1

the disassembled ring, the palm, your right hand, the two outer bands

Hold the disassembled ring in the palm of your right hand. Identify the two outer bands, which are rounded on one side with a "V" shape known as a "knot" on the other side. Position them so that the Vs are back to back, pointing away from each other and held between the thumb and forefinger of your left hand.

Step 2

Hang the other two "inside" bands, their flat sections, the bottoms, the outside bands

Hang the other two "inside" bands by their flat sections from the bottoms of the outside bands. Move the hanging bands so that they cross over each other.

Step 3

a "figure-8&quot, the hanging bands, them, place

Create a "figure-8" with the hanging bands, which will lock them into place.

Step 4

the upper band, you, the knot

Turn the upper band that is furthest from you clockwise until the knot points downward.

Step 5

the band, it, place, the hanging bands

Flip the band downward so that it sets into place next to the hanging bands.

Step 6

the remaining upper band, the knot

Turn the remaining upper band clockwise until the knot points downward.

Step 7

the band, place, the other three bands

Flip the band downward to lock into place with the other three bands.

Step 8

your ring, your friends, you, the ring

Enjoy your ring and amaze your friends with how clever you are by disassembling the ring and quickly putting it back together.

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