How to Put a Boat on Jack Stands

By Will Charpentier
3 steps from trailer to jackstands

Moving your boat to jack stands may make some work, like bottom painting, easier. If you move your boat from the trailer to the jack stands, you can paint the places on the bottom where the boat would normally be resting on the rollers and beds of the trailer. When you transfer the boat back to the trailer, you can paint the places where the boat was resting on the jack stands. Other work done on jack stands might include minor fiberglass repairs, adding graphics to your hull or installing or repairing a through-hull connection.

Set two or more jack stands at the height where you want your hull. Use the screw jack on the front of your boat trailer to lower the bow of your boat. As you do this, the stern will rise.

When the stern rises to your intended working height, set the jack stands under the stern on either side of the keel, so that the stern is at your intended working height.

Use the screw jack on the front of your trailer to raise the bow of your boat. Note that, as you raise the front of the trailer and your bow, the back of the trailer will go down. The stern of your boat, however, will be held up by the jack stands.

Set more jackstands so that the bow will be at the intended working height. Set additional jack stands under the midsection of your hull so that the load is evenly distributed on the jack stands.

Lower the screw jack on the front of your boat trailer just enough to free the trailer from the boat and allow the boat to rest on the jack stands alone. Move the trailer from beneath the boat and, as you move the trailer, set jack stands along the keep to help prevent the boat from falling. Commence your planned work.

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