Purse Bingo Game Instructions

By Robert Preston
purse bingo, it, a good thing, a cluttered purse
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Purse bingo is an excellent icebreaker at a gathering of women, such as a bridal shower. Unlike standard bingo, where players fill in game-card spaces that match numbers called at random, purse bingo players aren't given a game piece -- because they bring their own. Each participant uses her own purse as the playing card, with the goal of being the last player standing in this party game.

Step 1

Select a caller for the game. The caller will not be eligible to win.

Step 2

Distribute the purses of all other players to their owners. Each player must hold her own purse, so she can easily look through it.

Step 3

Instruct the caller to shout out an item that might be found in an average purse. Start with common items, such as a wallet, makeup or phone. Then, move to less common purse items, such as mints, headache medication or tissues.

Step 4

Check the items presented by the players, with each active player removing the called item from her purse and holding it up for inspection.

Step 5

Tell any players who do not have the most recent called item to sit down. They are now out of play.

Step 6

Have the caller continue naming off items, one by one, gradually decreasing the likelihood an item would be in a purse. Keep calling out items until only a single player, the winner, remains standing.

Step 7

Reward the winner of the game with a party gift.