Free No Prop Games

By Marilla Mulwane
A popular no prop game, kids, Marco Polo
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No-prop games do not require anything but the players. There is no need for a ball, board or game console. No-prop games are great for large gatherings, long car rides, and when kids complain that there is nothing to do. The best thing about no-prop games is that they are absolutely free because you never need to buy something to play.

Brain Games

Brain games are no-prop games that require you to think. These games can be played with only a few players. They can played during a long car ride, while waiting at the doctor's office or even during commercials while waiting for the show to start. Some brain games are Rock, Paper, Scissors; 20 Questions, or I Spy. Players have to use their brains to win these games.

Icebreaker Games

No-prop games can be used to help strangers get to know each other. You can play them during the first day of school, at a youth group, or in an office. With icebreaker games, strangers are forced to interact in a fun way and share information about themselves with each other. One example of an icebreaker game is when a player says something interesting about himself. The next person has to repeat what the first person said and then provide her own tidbit of information. The next person must repeat the first two and add to the list. The game continues until everyone has spoken.

Games for Large Groups

When there are lots of children and wide open space there are many choices for no-prop games to keep the kids entertained. They can play Red Light/Green Light, Duck Duck Goose, Simon Says, Red Rover, Follow the Leader, Hide and Seek and Mother May I. These games get the players running around so they can work off all that hyper energy.

Indoor Games

When the weather is bad, kids tend to get bored quickly. They don't need to spend the whole day watching TV when they can play no-prop games. Indoor games don't require a large number of kids. There isn't any running around either, so precious items won't get broken. Children can play Truth or Dare, Statues, or Charades. Improv is another fun game where you act out scenes described to you by other players.

Car Games

Long car rides can get very boring. Kids can be kept entertained with no-prop games without needing to move at all, which is perfect for the tight spaces in cars. Kids can play the ABC game, where they pick a topic (such as fruits) and the first person names a fruit that starts with the first letter of the alphabet. The next person has to remember the first fruit and then add a fruit that starts with the next letter of the alphabet. Other games include looking for license plates from every state or counting the animals you see.