Progressive Euchre Table Information

By Mal Van Valkenburg
Progressive Euchre Table Information Images

Progressive Euchre is a tournament format for playing the card game Euchre with multiple tables of four players. It is best if played with 8, 12 or 16 players.

Number of tables

You will need to have enough tables for the tournament. For instance, if you have 16 players, you will need four tables; there are four players per table. Number the tables in order to keep organized for the tournament.

Selecting a table

Once you determine how many players will be in the tournament, you figure out how many tables you will need. If you have 32 players, you break down cards to be selected. In this scenario, you will have 16 red cards and 16 black cards. If you have an equal number of men and women, you have one draw from the red stack and the other draw from the black stack.

Once the tournament begins

After eight hands are played, a winner and loser are determined at each table. The winners go to the lead table, while the losers go to the back table.

The deal

Once you sit down and begin your eight hands at that table, you draw cards to see who will get the opening deal. The deal then rotates left until each person deals twice.


Each player will keep a scorecard. On that scorecard, you will write down each table you played at and the score for each table. After 10 games, you will tally your score. The person with the highest score wins.