How to Program My Radio Shack Scanner PRO-106

By Patrick Nelson
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RadioShack's PRO-106 is a hand-held digital scanner. All scanners can be used for monitoring racing, public safety and air traffic. Digital scanners can be used for monitoring big-city departments, too. This scanner uses Talkgroups and a method of programming called Object Oriented Scanning, which is different from the programming methods used in an analog scanner.

Press "PGM" (Program) to put the scanner into Programming Mode. Press the "New" soft key to create a new object. An object is something that can be scanned, and --- unlike a conventional scanner --- it isn't restricted to simply a frequency, but can include service searches, limit searches and more.

Press the "TGRP" (Talkgroup) soft key to create a trunking system object and then press the up or down arrow keys to scroll to "TSYS" (Trunked System.) Press the hard-button "SEL" (Select) and look at the screen to check that the cursor is on "Type"

Select the Trunking System that you'd like to program with the left and right arrow buttons and then press the down arrow to scroll to "Frequencies." Press "SEL" and enter the control channel for the system with the numerical buttons at "Ch01" (Channel 01). Repeat by pressing the down arrow and add more channels if you like. Press the "Save" soft key to save and then "Save" again to store the TSYS.

Press the down arrow to scroll to "ID" in the "TGRP" menu which should be on the screen. Enter the Talkgroup ID, and then press "ENT" (Enter).

Press the down arrow to "Tag" and enter a name for the Talkgroup. For simplicity's sake, give it a number for now. Press "ENT" and then the "Save" soft key to store the "TGRP" as a new object.

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