How to Print Photo Booth Photos

By Sarah Haynes
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Photo booth pictures only print one copy and sometimes you would want more copies. Since these pictures are taken in the moment and do not have a print additional copies option on the machine, printing at home is another solution. With high quality photo paper, color printer and scanner, you have more copies to give out to friends and family. You can frame photo booth pictures or make a collage as a gift or scrapbook piece.

Turn on your scanner and plug in the USB cord to your computer. Place the picture onto the scanner bed.

Open the Paint program in Windows so the picture from the scanner can be imported.

Click "File" in the top left corner. Scroll down to "From scanner or camera" in Paint, which launches the scanner program to import your image.

Use your cursor to draw a box around the picture. Go to the "Edit" option and select "Crop." This will get rid of any extra open space.

Click on "File" and select "Save as." Save your file as a jpg.

Go to "File" again and select "Print." Click on your printer if it is not already high lighted and select the number of copies you would like. Load the printer with the high quality photo paper and then click the button "Print" on your computer.

Mac Phone Booth Program

Open the Phone Booth program on your Mac or iPad 2.

Position yourself or anyone else in front of the iSight camera.

Click the red camera icon below the preview screen to set the camera to take the picture. It will take 3 seconds for it to take the picture.

Select the "Effects" button under the preview screen to the right. Select an effect such as the Eiffel Tower to be applied to the picture.

Send the picture to a friend by "Mail" or "Flickr." The picture also automatically saves to your camera roll on your computer. Open the picture in Preview or other image viewer, then choose "Print" from the File menu to print to your designated computer.

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