How to Price Vintage Toys

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

Vintage toys are popular items to collect. They evoke strong memories of childhood. There is also the thrill of the hunt involved with tracking down rare and hard-to-find items. Because of the thriving market for vintage toys, there are lots of sellers out there looking to cash in. If you collect vintage toys, do not allow yourself to be overcharged due to lack of knowledge. Know how to price vintage toys.

Get the Right Price on Vintage Toys

Get up to the minute price information at eBay (see Resources below). Do a quick search for your preferred toy types to see how much sellers are asking and what bidders are bidding.

Consult a price guide. There are any number of good price guides to vintage toys out there. A visit to your local library or book store should yield several. A comprehensive one to start with is Antique Trader Toys Price Guide.

Ask an expert. Visit a discussion group online to inquire about fair prices for vintage toy items. You can visit the Vintage discussion group on eBay (see Resources below) or find a group on EZ Board (see Resources below).

Attend a vintage toy convention. Even if you are not going there to buy, you can still get a good idea of what the going prices are by browsing the many vendors' tables you will find. Look in the Living section of your local newspaper to find listings for upcoming conventions in your area.

Find out what your friends paid. If you have any friends or acquaintances who collect vintage toys, ask them what they paid for any items they have that you are interested in. Unlike other areas of life, it is not considered impolite to ask about prices for collectors' items, especially if you are a fellow collector.