How to Price Depression Glass by Pattern

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

Collecting depression glass has become popular and the demand has caused prices to rise. Even though these pieces were made of the cheapest glass possible, and originally sold for a few pennies or given away, today the rarest and most desirable patterns command high prices. Here's how to price depression glass by pattern.

Know your patterns. The Blue Royal Lace pattern is the currently the most collected depression glass pattern and commands the highest prices. Other popular patterns include Cherry Blossom, Waterford, Mayfair, Cameo, Swirl, Sharon, Royal Lace, Princess, Adam, Miss America and Madrid. You can ask higher prices for these patterns as demand makes them scarce.

Check your colors. Within patterns, depression glass was often produced in several different colors. Currently, pink and cobalt blue are the most popular colors, with amber the least favorite. Price varies according to the popularity of the color.

Know which pieces within your pattern are the hardest to come by and which were the most outstanding. Drinking glasses in your pattern may be difficult to find, as they do not survive in quantity. Cups are also scarce because they crack when you pour hot liquid into them. Scarce or limited-edition pieces can be priced high.

Price depression glass higher if it has distinctive makers' marks, or if it includes any original packaging or paper labels.

Check online, with reputable dealers or with depression glass clubs for current prices to use as guidelines. These sources will also help you stay up-to-date with changes in collector preferences.