How to Pose So Your Face Looks Thinner

By Cynthia Measom
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When you check your face out in the mirror and pop pre-camera poses, you like what you see. Yet, when you take a look at finished photos of yourself, you're floored by how heavy your face looks on film. You may even catch sight of the dreaded double chin you didn't know was there. Unfortunately, the camera can catch anyone in a bad position, but you can use a few makeup, hair and posing tricks to give your face a thinner appearance.

Create an Illusion

Brush a mineral bronzing powder that matches your skin tone or your makeup foundation underneath your chin area and along your jaw line to give your face a slimmer appearance. Blend well with a large powder brush so the line will be unintelligible.

Sweep a pinkish-nude shade of blush into the hollows of your cheeks and brush bronzer onto your cheekbones with the large brush. To find the hollows of your cheeks, such your cheeks in until you see a line. Swipe bronzer into your hairline, near the temples, to complete the slimming effect. Blend well.

Wear bangs that just touch your eyebrows or fix your hair so that wispy layers curve inward toward the sides of your face to shave visual pounds.


Tilt your head slightly upward to stretch out the underside of your chin. Don't tilt it so much that you are looking skyward -- just enough to keep a double-chin at bay.

Push your head forward. Think of a turtle stretching its neck out of its shell. Again, don't overdo it. You want to look natural. Lengthening your neck can make your face appear thinner.

Smile your most engaging smile to make your pose picture perfect.

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