Free Pool Games to Play Without Downloading

By Aaron Reynolds

What's more fun than a really great computer game? A really great computer game that's free. For billiards enthusiasts, the World Wide Web offers a number of free pool games that you can play online, without having to download any software. Check out these three great pool games. Enjoy!

Billiards Arcade

Billiards Arcade feels like an actual billiards parlor. All that's missing (thankfully) is cigarette smoke lingering in the air. Billiards Arcade has many options, including 9-Ball, Blast Billiards, Crazy Pool, Billiardo, Cosmic Pool and Live 3-D Pool. If you want a realistic-looking game, then 9-Ball or 3-D Pool is for you. Looking for something new? Check out the intense action of Crazy Pool. Multiplayer games are also available.

Yahoo! Pool

Yahoo! Pool offers great action in several variations. Players can choose from beginner, intermediate or advanced competition rooms, as well as a special social room. A chat interface allows users to interact with opponents. The cue stick is easy to control, and the game helps you line up your shots with superimposed ball-path tracks.

8 Ball Champion

Some people prefer 8-ball, and the 8 Ball Champion Shockwave game is a great choice. As in Yahoo! Pool, players use the mouse to control the cue from an overhead table-top view. The playing environment is highly detailed and realistic.


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