How to Play Upwords

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

Upwords is a simple Scrabble-like board game, in which players use stacking tiles to spell words. You build words by playing letters across or down, like a crossword puzzle with the advantage of being able to stack letters on top of each other. It is the three-dimensional play that makes Upwords interesting and fun. Read on to learn how to play Upwords.

Set up the Game

Divide the racks. Each player gets one.

Mix up the tiles. Place the tiles letter-side down and stir them, to mix well.

Draw a tile. Each player draws a tile. The player who chooses the letter closest to the letter A will go first. Then return your tile, face down, to the pile.

Pick more tiles. Each player pulls seven tiles from the pile.

Play the Game

Form the first word. This word must be made up of two or more letters and must cover at least one of the special game squares in the center of the board.

Place one or more letter tiles on the Upwords game board to make a new word. Your word must connect to the word already on the board, or it must change the word on the board to a new word.

Take turns. The game is played by working your way clockwise around the circle of players, creating and changing words on the game board.

End the game when all the Upwords letters have been played, or when none of the players can create any more words.

Win the Game

Add two points per letter tile for any word that is only one tile high.

Score one point per letter tile for any word that contains letters stacked two or more tiles high.

Use the "Qu" combination tile for two extra bonus points.

Win 20 bonus points for any word that uses all seven of your tiles.

Subtract five points for each tile that you do not play in the game.

Earn the most points to win the game.