How to Play Ten Fingers

By Tessa Holmes
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When strangers gather, they often have trouble interacting, relaxing and getting to know one another. Icebreaker games are used to relieve tensions and to reduce awkwardness among a group of strangers. "Ten Fingers," also called "Never Have I Ever," is one such icebreaker game that many people play. It is a simple game that requires no materials and only the participation of players.

Instruct all participants to stand in a circle and to put out both hands in front of themselves. They should open their fists so that their palms are facing the center of the circle and their fingers are all extended.

Select one person to go first. That person must choose an interesting, funny or secretive thing about themselves and say it out loud. To play it an alternate way, the person must say "Never have I ever," and say something that he has never done before.

Tell the participants that if they have also done what the first player has confessed to doing, they have to put one of their fingers down. If they are playing the alternate way, participants who have done what the first player claims never to have done must put one of their fingers down.

The next player in the circle should go, confessing to something he has done or never has done, and each participant who has done that thing should put another finger down. Whoever has all 10 fingers down is out of the game and should leave the circle.

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