How to Play Spoons

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

Spoons is a drinking game for four or more people. It is played at high speed, and concentration is the key.

Playing the Game

Set up the players around a small table. Everyone should be able to reach the middle of the table without stretching.

Set up a number of spoons in the center of the table, with one less spoon than the number of players. Fan the handles to the outside in a starburst pattern.

Select one player to be the dealer, and deal 4 cards to each player.

Play begins when the dealer begins pulling cards off the deck one at a time, looking at the card to see if he wants to keep it, and then passing it or a discard from his own hand to the player at the right.

The person at the dealers left passes his cards to a discard pile.

The object of the game is to get four of a kind, but you don't have to announce it right away.

Although you have your 4, continue passing cards until the other players are distracted, then sneak a spoon from the middle of the table.

The other players must grab a spoon as soon as they see you take one.

The player left without a spoon must drink.