How to Play Snap

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

Snap has been played for generations and it is a good way to get the sillies out when cooped up inside on a rainy day. It helps children recognize numbers or pictures quickly and allows for both adults and kids to play together. The faster the play, the more amusing the game.

Have everyone sit in a circle on the floor or around a table. It is best to have at least three players.

Shuffle a standard deck of cards thoroughly. Use one deck for two to three players and two decks for more than four players.

Deal out all the cards face down to all the players. Do not be concerned if the deal doesn't end evenly. Players should not look at their cards.

Turn up one card, starting at the person left of the dealer. Then the next player turns up a card and so on. If any of the cards currently facing up are of the same numeric value, regardless of suit, someone may call out "Snap!" That player then wins their current pile as well as the pile of the player who had the matching card.

Place the winning cards back into the winner's face down pile. The player to the left of the hand winner now starts the next play, turning up a card.

Continue play. If a player has run out of cards, but still has face up cards in play, they may continue to yell "Snap" and reenter the game. If they are out of cards entirely, they are disqualified and the game continues.

Forfeit one card to each player if you accidentally call out "Snap" when there was no match.

Win the game by collecting all the cards from the other players.

Vary the game by calling out something other than "Snap," calling out the number of the match or by slapping your hand down on your own pile as the indication of a match.