How to Play Scrabble Cards

By Heide Braley
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Scrabble is a fun game that stimulates your brain. In addition to the traditional Scrabble board game, there is also a Scrabble card game. The setup is a little different, since you are not using a board, but the goal is still to spell out words. Each deck has 74 letter cards, 32 premium score cards and 4 wild cards.

Assemble your players. You can play with as little as two people, but it is more fun if you have three or four. You can play with as many as six people.

Pass out the cards in a clockwise motion, one card per person. Whoever has the card closest to the letter A goes first. Reshuffle the cards and pass them out again, face down. Go around until each person has seven cards.

Decide whether or not to use the three-card draw. Every player has the option of replacing up to three cards in their hand with new cards from the deck. The person to the left of the dealer starts.

Look at the cards in your hand and form the highest-scoring word you can. Some cards have values, rather than letters; these cards give you double or triple the score of the word. One by one, every player puts down their word. You cannot add to, or change your word. The person with the highest value wins the hand. A score keeper jots down the tally.

Continue for either an agreed upon number of hands, a quitting time or a winning score--in which case, the first person to reach that score wins the game.

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