How to Play the Pig Dice Game

By Diana Doherty
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Also known as Pass the Pigs, Pig Dice and Skunk, the pig dice game has many variations. There are commercial versions available or it may be played with a set of regular dice. The rules may vary because Pig has been played for some 60 years.

How to Play Pig with Regular Dice

Player one rolls one die. The value of that roll is his score.

Continue rolling as many times as you wish or until you roll a one.

Choose to stay when you want to stop rolling. The total of all your rolls is your score.

Roll a one and your score drops to zero. It becomes player two's turn.

Reach 100 points first to win.

How to Play Pass the Pigs with the Commercial Game Pieces

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Choose a scorekeeper (swineherd). Choose any player to start, then pass play to the left.

Roll both pigs and remember your score.

Roll again to add to your score or stay.

Roll a Pig Out or Oinker and your turn ends. Pig Out is when your pigs land on opposite sides, one on its left and one on its right. Pig Out results in a score of zero for the turn. Oinker occurs when your pigs land touching each other in any position. Your whole score returns to zero and it ends your turn.

Swineherd should mark down each player's total score at the end of her turn. There is no need to write down the score for each role, unless you can't remember it through your turn.

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