How to Play Pass the Orange

By eHow Contributor

How to Play Pass the Orange. The tamer version of Pass the Orange using your feet was traditionally played during Christmas, when an orange was found in the foot of everyone's stocking. A racier version--using your neck--was invented much later and was popular at teen parties along with Spin the Bottle and Seven Minutes in Heaven. Getting within close proximity of the opposite sex makes this game even more tantalizing.

Step 1

Divide all your players into two teams. There should be at least 4 players on each team. The teams can be as large as you want and work best with at least 7 or more players on each side.

Step 2

Remove your socks. Have everyone else remove theirs as well.

Step 3

Arrange everyone in a line, sitting closely side by side. Sit across from the other team so you have two parallel lines.

Step 4

Give one orange to each team.

Step 5

Place the orange in between the two feet of the first person in line. This is the beginning of the line.

Step 6

Signal the beginning of the game by having someone on the end of the line yell "Go."

Step 7

Pass the orange from the first person to the second using only your feet.

Step 8

Continue to pass the orange to the next person using only your feet and continuing on down the line.

Step 9

Chase after any dropped oranges without standing and again only using your feet. Opponents can try to kick away the orange but they may not pick it up. You might have to chase the rogue orange across the room while scooting on your bottom.

Step 10

Return the orange back to the front of the line, still using your feet and moving anyway you can without standing or dropping the orange.

Step 11

Begin again from the beginning, moving the orange down the line from player to player.

Step 12

Send the orange down the line and all the way back before the other team in order to win.

Step 13

Vary the game by passing the orange from neck to neck, by holding the orange between your chin and collar bone. This invades everyone's personal space and makes the game uncomfortable or thrilling, depending on how you feel about the person you are passing to or receiving from.

Step 14

Retrieve the dropped orange by laying on the floor and picking it up with your chin and chest, which is decidedly more difficult.