How to Play the Orange Kangaroo Mind-Reading Trick

By braniac

This is a fun trick that you can use to trick people into thinking you can read minds. Of course, the savvy observer may be able to deconstruct this trick without much effort, but it still serves as a fun joke. Or maybe it doesn't. It really helps to be twelve years old. On to the trick!

Tell your gullible friend that you want to read his mind. Ask him to choose a number between 1 and 10, and to keep this number secret.

Direct your subject to multiply this number by 9. Then instruct your subject to add together the 2 digits of the resulting number. For example, if you start with 3, 3 times 9 is 27. Two plus 7 equals 9.

Tell your subject to subtract 5 from this number. Then ask your friend to think of the letter of the alphabet with the same rank as his number. For instance, A is 1 and Z is 26.

Instruct your friend to think of a European country with a name beginning with that letter. Once the country has been chosen, ask him to think of an animal whose species' name begins with the last letter of the chosen country. Finally, ask him to choose a color with a name beginning with the last letter of the animal's name.

If your brilliant plan has succeeded, your subject will be thinking of an orange kangaroo in Denmark. If your friend is awed and amazed with this revelation, congratulations.