How to Play Naruto Trading Card Game

By Richard Bonilla
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Naruto Uzumaki has one goal--to be the best ninja in the world. In Naruto Trading Card game, players compete for the privilege of being called the best ninja. The one-on-one game mixes together characters, villages and abilities seen in the Naruto anime series for players to fight, defend and enjoy during their quest. Since players can use any combination of cards to defend and attack villages, they will discover the importance and strategy of card selection.

Step 1

Choose your deck. A complete deck consists of exactly 50 cards, which may consist of any combination of the four card types: ninja, client, mission and Jutsu cards. The rules state, "players can have up to 3 cards with the same 'name' in their deck."

Step 2

Place your game mat, which is where you will place and fight your opponent. Place your cards in the "Card deck" pile. Shuffle your cards and then your opponent's cards. Before play begins, players play rock-paper-scissors to decide who gets to attack or defend first.

Step 3

Draw six cards from your deck. Draw the cards face down so that your opponent does not see your cards. If you do not like your cards, you can redraw--but you may only redraw twice during one game. Each redraw requires that you draw one less card then the last time.

Step 4

Start the mission phase. The person chosen to attack first must draw another card and choose a card from his desk. Each card has a different ability; for example, ninja cards attack opponents, while mission cards boost your power. Jutsu cards grant a martial art power, while client cards support ninjas and villages. Each card has an "Entry cost" located at the top-right corner of the deck. These entry cost must be equal to or less than your turn marker. If you are on your first turn and your card has an entry level of 2, then you cannot play this card until your next turn.

Step 5

Start the organization phase. After a player has placed his cards for the mission phase, your drawn ninja cards can be organized into teams to attack or defend your village.

Step 6

Start the battle phase, in which players choose to either send the card(s) from the mission phase to attack, defend or use power-ups from Jutsu cards or client cards. After card battles, players reveal the cards to see which player won the battle. This is done by adding "Team power" points; the player with the higher points total is the winner of the battle.

Step 7

Determine the winner. During the "End phase," players will determine which player gained the most "Battle rewards." Battle rewards are earned by defeating ninjas. A player wins by having 10 or more battle rewards points (if both have sufficient points, the current attacker wins) or if the opponent has no cards left in his deck.

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