How to Play Murder Mystery

By Carole Ellis
nothing, a good murder mystery, lots, appetizers

This party game is a good way to pass the time while you are waiting for all your guests to arrive. You can inform new arrivals of the simple rules as soon as they walk in the door, then let them start in on the fun immediately. This game also allows people that do not know each other well to start talking and also directs people into a main room where you are serving appetizers or other snacks and drinks.

Pick a person to be the murderer. This person will mingle with everyone else at the party. She can introduce herself, talk and laugh like everyone else. However, when she winks at another guest, that guest is dead. That guest must see the wink to know that he is dead, so she cannot wink at the back of someone's head, then go and tell him that he has been murdered. Usually the host will select the murderer.

Choose a way to identify "dead" guests. You might only allow him or her to visit the snack table after being killed or limit a certain food to murdered members of the party. This will help guests that are still alive track down the murderer by tracking who gets the murder marker when and trying to figure out who they were talking to just before they were "killed."

Have the living guests try to identify the murderer. If you are murdered before you finger the killer, then you continue to mingle but you cannot tell who the murderer is, even if you are speaking with them in a group. Once someone spots the killer, you can move on to other party entertainments or select a new killer and play again.

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