How to Play Mexican Train

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

This is a unique twist on an old form of recreation--dominoes. This game is best played with four or more players. Sit back, have fun and enjoy a new game.

Shuffle the dominoes.

Pick dominoes from a pile. Dominoes should be facedown when chosen. If there are four players, each player picks 15 dominoes each. When there are 5 or 6 players, each pick 12. Pick 10 each if there are 7 or 8 players; 8 dominoes are chosen if there are 9 or 10 players.

Place the remaining dominoes facedown in the box lid. This is known as the boneyard.

Begin the game by having the player that has the 12:12 domino. That player places that domino on the center of the table. Mexican Train has 13 rounds and in each round after the first the beginning domino goes down. So round 2 begins with the player who has the 11:11 domino and so on with each round until you get to the double blank domino. This signifies the last round of the game. If no one has the required domino in their existing pile, players draw from the boneyard until the required domino is found.

Continue play in a clockwise rotation. Each player builds a train--this means starting a single row starting with the double in the center and moving toward the player.

Place a domino end to end with the existing domino. The numbers on the domino must match. Example: the 12-12 domino is down on the table so the player places a 12-9 domino next to it.

Play as many dominoes as wish on your first turn, as long as a valid train is formed and as long as you can play on your own train.

Put a marker, such as a penny, where the train would have started if you have no dominoes that will match the center domino. This means that any other player can start this train after all first turns have gone by.

Drawing from the bone ard occurs after all first turns have taken place. This happens if there are no dominoes in the individual player's pile that matches a free end of a train. If the domino from the boneyard does not match any of the trains, place a marker on your own train.

Play a double domino from the second turn on and play an extra domino. This domino can be played anywhere on the board where it fits.

Ending a game happens in two ways. First, if a double domino is the very last domino played by a player, play immediately ends. Second, when the layout of the dominoes is played in such a way that there are no more moves, play is ended.

Accumulating as few points as possible is the object of the game.

Count the dots on the remaining dominoes to receive your score at the end of each round.