How to Play the M & M Game

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Sweet treats, a great basis,

The M & M game is a great way to bring two families together for the first time around the holidays or to help a group that will be working together get to know each other a little better before getting down to business. Eating and talking together is always a good way to start things out, so use this game to learn more about each other and find out things that you have in common.

Assign, a topic, each color, M&M.

Assign a topic to each color of M&M. For example, red might be hobbies, yellow favorite foods, green best vacation and brown most memorable or embarrassing moment. Pick things that relate to how the group will be interacting for at least some of the colors. If you are using this to break the ice for a business team, you might want to use one color for strengths and another for weaknesses, while a third might be favorite past projects. Then use the other colors for more fun, personal details.

Place the M&Ms in a large bowl in the center of the group. There should be enough M&Ms for each person to tell four or five things about themselves.

Have each person take a handful of M&Ms. Add an element of surprise by not telling them why. Make sure people do not eat their candy until after they have used the color. If there are a lot of people, you might want to let everyone put their candy in small paper cups so that their hands do not get stained.

Move around the group in a circle, having each person tell something related to a color of M&M in her cup. Once she has told the story, she can eat her M&M of that color so that the next time around she has to use a different topic. If you want to make the game last longer and get into more detail, you can require a story for each piece of candy of a certain color. For example, if the color is red, then a person with four red M&Ms might have to share four hobbies that he enjoys.

End by eating the remainder of the candy. Conclude on a sweet note with everyone getting a cup full of candy to enjoy without elaboration.

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