How to Play the LRC Dice Game

By Britt Barclay

LRC stands for "Left, Right, Center." LRC can be played by almost anyone, from young children as a fun educational game to college students and adults as a drinking or gambling game. With children, the game is a good way to teach them the difference between left and right and it promotes healthy group interaction. Slightly different variations of the game are used when it is played as a gambling or drinking game; feel free to make up your own rules or combine them with another version found online.

The LRC Basics

Distribute three chips to each player, and decide who will roll first. The roller will roll three LRC dice.

Have the first player roll the dice. They then must pass chips according to what comes up on the dice as indicated below: L: for each L, pass one chip to the player on your immediate left. R: for each R, pass one chip to the player on your immediate right. C: for each C, place one chip in the middle of the table; these chips are out of play. Dot: a dot means you don't have to pass a chip for that die.

Continue going around the circle, rolling the dice and passing chips. Each player may only roll as many dice as she has chips. The maximum dice rolled on a given turn is three; if a player has no chips, she has not lost and is still in the game. If an adjacent player passes a chip to her, she is back in the game and must roll the appropriate number of dice.

Win the game by being the last person with a chip. This means all other chips have been passed to the center or to the winning player.

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