How to Play the Lottery

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

Playing the lottery is always going to feel like a gamble, but if you only play with a minimal amount then you won't be upset if you don't win. Every state and province has there own lotto system and they can include a variety of different games. Here is how to play the basic lottery where you choose six numbers.

Pick out a lotto ticket at your grocery store or convenience store. The lottery stands usually have little pencils to help you to pick your numbers out on your lottery card.

Choose your numbers. You can do a random pick or you can use certain number that are important to you such as birth dates, anniversaries, lucky numbers etc. You have to choose six numbers in each box. One box will count as a dollar. Two boxes will be a two dollar play, and so on.

Take your lottery ticket to the store owner and hand it to them. Usually you have to pay cash for all lottery tickets. They will run your numbers and ticket through a lotto machine and hand you a smaller ticket with your registered numbers.

Keep your lottery ticket safe in your wallet and wait until the lotto is drawn. Some provinces and states have a television show you can watch where you get to see each number pulled.

After the lottery has been drawn, take your ticket to the grocery store or convenience store and ask the retailer to check your ticket. Retailers have a machine that they run your ticket through to check to see if you are a winner or not.