How to Play the Left Right Center Dice Game

By Robin Neorr
a special set, dice, LCR Dice
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Left Center Right is a popular dice game. It is also referred to and sold as LCR (left, center, right) and was created in 1992 by George and Company. The game consists of three dice, each marked with the letter L, R or C, and three dots. Players are given three chips, and at the end of the game the player with the last chip wins.

Give each player three chips and decide who will go first.

Have first player roll all three dice. If the player rolls an L, he passes a chip to the player on his left. If the player rolls an R, he passes a chip to the player on his right. If the player rolls a C, he places a chip in the center pot. The player keeps a chip for each dot he rolls.

Pass dice to the left. The next player rolls only as many dice as she has chips, up to three dice. If the player does not have any chips left she does not roll, but she is not out of the game, as the player to her left or right may be required to pass a chip to her.

Continue playing until only one player has one chip. This player is the winner.

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