How to Play Hi Low Drinking Game

By Joe Fletcher

Hi Low is an entertaining drinking game that you can play with a simple deck of cards. All you need is one other person and some drinks and you're ready to play. A few simple instructions is all it takes to begin playing.

Find another player. Hi Low is a two person game.

Shuffle the deck of cards as if you were playing any other game. One person will deal and the other will play.

Lay seven cards, a line, front, the player

Lay seven cards face up in a line in front of the player.

Player must start from either left or right. He must predict whether the next card to be dealt will be higher or lower than the card on the table that he starts with.

Deal the card once player has rendered a guess. If he is correct, move on to the next card and repeat the guess and deal.

If player guessed lower, he drinks.

Continue playing in this fashion until a player renders an incorrect guess or he correctly guesses down the line of all seven cards. If he is incorrect he will need to take a shot (or sip) of his drink and then start from the beginning of the line all over again. If he correctly guesses all seven cards, he will not have to drink that round and will become the dealer.

Repeat the play until player successfully guesses the full line of cards correctly. Then dealer and player switch. If you run out of cards before the player has guessed a correct line, switch at this time.

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