How to Play Guess Who

By Shea Laverty
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In Hasbro's Guess Who, you and a friend engage in a contest to see who can guess the other player's mystery person first. On each turn, you can discern a clue about your opponent's person by asking yes or no questions about their appearance, like "Does your person wear glasses" or "Does your person have rosy cheeks?" With each answer, you draw closer to finding out -- but so does your opponent.

Setting Up a Game

Each player takes a gameboard, and flips all the frames containing the face pictures into their upright position. Shuffle the Mystery cards and each take a card, inserting it into your gameboard's card slot so that it faces you. Your Mystery card depicts your person, whom your opponent tries to determine based on their physical features. Each of the frames contain a picture of a different person, and as you eliminate a characteristic through your questions, you flip down every person with that feature. For example, if you ask if your opponent's person has red hair and they say no, you flip down all faces that feature red hair.

Game Flow

The younger player always goes first. If you're the same age, you can determine who goes first by another method like rock-paper-scissors or a coin toss. During your turn, you can ask a question to get clues regarding who your opponent's mystery person is, or make a guess as to whom their person is.

How to Win

There are two ways to win Guess Who: Successfully guessing your opponent's mystery person or having them guess incorrectly who your mystery person is. Carefully timing your guess is an important strategic choice: Guess too soon, and you have a greater chance of being wrong. Guess too late, and your opponent's chances of guessing correctly grow as much as your own and potentially greater if ask the right questions.