How to Play the Game "Lime & Spoon"

By Helen Jain
Jupiterimages/ Images

The lime and spoon game is a type of racing and balancing game, similar to the egg and spoon game, but less messy. It is primarily played outdoors and is popular at school events or other gatherings such as family reunions or company picnics. Many people enjoy playing this game because it doesn't require much athletic skill and the competition isn't too intense.

Provide each racer with one lime and one spoon. Ideally, a tablespoon is used so the lime can easily fit on its surface without falling while the racer is standing still.

Tell the players where the goal is. For example, they might need to race around a track one time or they might have to touch a tree and come back. You select the goal as appropriate for the age group. In general, a relatively short goal is best because it is quick and keeps attention on the game.

Explain the rules of the game to the players. The rules of a lime and spoon game are simple. You balance the lime on the spoon and race to the goal. If you drop the lime, you must return to the starting point and try again. You can only hold the spoon in one hand. The first team whose players all complete the race wins the game.

Start the race. At least two players should run at a time, but more teams are ideal to make the game more interesting and lively.